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About The Plan

Our maintenance agreements are structured annually and renewed as such, including basic labor to perform maintenance:

  • Starting at $250 for the first piece of equipment
  • Starting at $150 for each additional piece of equipment

You may opt to cover only certain equipment at your property; any equipment not covered by a maintenance agreement will be billed at our regular service rates.

  • Per property address/per system – additional pieces of equipment or separate properties require individual agreements
  • Equipment must be in good working condition and meet state and local code requirements
  • Residential systems up to 250,000 BTUs and service no more than two dwellings Agreements are available for:
  • Gas heating equipment – both traditional and high efficiency
  • Gas water heaters – both traditional and high efficiency
  • Central A/C and/or ductless mini split or heat pump equipment

Please note: bag cleans, or deep cleans performed to mini split or heat pump indoor units will be billed at our regular labor rate; discounted for maintenance agreement customers.

  • Humidifier and dehumidifier units

Agreements DO NOT cover the following:

  • Gas fireplaces or other household appliances or white goods such as stoves or dryers – we don’t service these
  • Generators – generators are considered on individual basis and billed separately.
  • New equipment installations/replacements or repair/installations/replacement of: gas piping, water piping, ductwork, radiant heat, baseboard registers and piping, any plumbing work; or repairs caused by third-party damage.
  • Future new equipment installed by a company other than Seaside Gas will not be covered under maintenance agreement

All other service and maintenance:

  • All other parts and labor for customers holding an active maintenance agreement will be billed at current labor and material
    rates; discounted 15%. This includes after hours and holiday calls.
  • Seaside Gas will send you reminders when it is time to schedule your service. Unused service/maintenance(s) do not carry over to the next agreement period. You must schedule your maintenance visits within the 12 month plan period.

– We will always provide our customers with responsible, reliable service except in circumstances beyond our control.

-If you are not satisfied with this agreement during the first 30 days of coverage, Seaside will refund you the cost, minus the regular costs of service/maintenance calls. After 30 days, this agreement is non-refundable. Maintenance Agreements are non-transferrable. – Seaside Gas is not responsible for any direct, consequential, or incidental damages resulting from equipment failure.

-We reserve the right to refuse service/parts on a system that we have determined to be in need of replacement.

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